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Your Future Financial w/Guyette Financial

Updated: May 3

We caught up with Brannon Guyette, managing director and financial advisor of Guyette Financial Group of RBC Wealth Management, to pick his brain on how to find a financial advisor who is right for you. Check out his responses below—great info for anyone exploring the idea of partnering with a professional, experienced financial advisor!

Brannon was recently honored with AdvisorHub Magazine’s 2022 “Solo Practitioners to Watch” as #1 in Wisconsin, and #9 in the nation, and has been on the Forbes “Best-in-State Wealth Advisors” list in 2019, 2022, and 2023. “I couldn’t have achieved any of this without my awesome team and our clients who have trusted us throughout the years. We stay humble and grateful, and look forward to working hard every day,” shared Brannon.

What exactly does a financial advisor DO?

We help provide income, safety and clarity. Clients want to know that they have sustainable cash flows in retirement, are not taking undue risk to accomplish that and are knowledgeable about their fees and expenses. We cannot control market direction, but we can help how we approach volatility and income generation.

When should I approach a financial advisor to start planning for my future?

I have found that there are plenty of younger individuals who are advancing their families and careers and prefer to work with an advisor and not necessarily be responsible for their own investment pathway and retirement cash flows.

We do our best work during life event changes—such as marriage, job changes, divorce, or death. My team specializes in being a resource when there isn’t a straightforward answer, and offering advice and guidance when it’s needed most.


How many financial advisors should I meet or meet with before making a selection on who to work with moving forward?

Usually, I encourage people to meet with a few; it’s the same scenario as if you are looking for a new attorney or tax preparer. However, sometimes when it feels right and a true connection is made, you just know.

A few years ago, I was meeting with a couple and they told me upfront that they had other meetings later that week. By the end of our meeting, they said they felt so comfortable that they didn’t want to meet with anyone else and transferred their assets to our care.