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Recharge and Relax in your Real Estate

Our friends at Alair Homes Green Bay have been noticing an uptick in clients looking to renovate their homes to create spaces within the home in order to escape stressors of daily life.

As we spend more time at home, we have to find ways to make our spaces serviceable to our many needs, places to decompress or remove ourselves from work. Home transformation can be a form of self-care, and working on a renovation or new construction project can stimulate a different part of our brains at a time that we need it. Recreating and constructing our homes can help to express personal feelings and present needs aesthetically.

There are increasing needs for people to have their own spaces, where one can decompress and use the space for work, organization, hobbies, or whatever they need for functionality. Multiple offices, separate and specialized hobby corners, or just a quiet room to call your own have been in high demand, especially for those who may have multiple adults working from home or maybe children learning from home. Everything and anything from scrapbooking to sewing to lure tying and working, and beyond can be accommodated, and a “Reserving a space for your own sanity and peace is imperative—find a space to escape the stressors of daily life.

Our children (and inner children) need spaces to decompress as well, such as home theaters or arcades. Expansions need to include spaces for the younger members of your household to escape their day-to-day as well. The space would likely benefit the entire family, and bring some much needed distraction and family time to the forefront—think of home theaters, arcades, converted garage spaces with a basketball hoop.

Let’s talk about bathrooms—they are your place to be completely alone (hopefully!) and should be a zen expe

rience, where you can recharge and prepare yourself for the day ahead, or reset from the day behind. More and more people are looking to create a spa-like, regenerative space in their bathrooms, a place for a mini-getaway during the day.

Outdoor spaces are a great way to reinvent and add space to your home—you can do so much by simply including your outdoor spaces in the core rooms. Maybe it’s a converted garage space into a playroom or an entertainment area for the adults, or maybe it’s a patio with an added pizza oven to extend the kitchen space to the outdoors. Bringing outdoor spaces into your daily use extends the square footage of your home, in addition to the added element of fresh air and sunlight…

…which brings us to our next point- natural light! Human beings crave natural lighting and bright colors to lift their moods and invigorate their lives. We choose colors for specific spaces to enhance our mood, modify the feeling of the space. Bright colors and natural light have been proven to lift your mood. As we are spending more time in our homes, natural light has become an essential element in our day to day life, separating our working lives from our personal time with family.

Personal time can also be enhanced in spaces like libraries or quiet corners that encourage quiet and reflection. These spaces can be soothing and can promote balance in your life, a separation from the day-to-day hustle. Something as simple as a special reading nook can give the mind and body the respite that they both desperately crave and need. You might not use the space every day, but the calming effect that this space brings to the home is invaluable.

A final area to consider as we spend more time within our homes is the heart of the home—the kitchen. The kitchen has been converted to a classroom, a workspace, and a gathering space for the family, and by extending or reconfiguring this space, you can accommodate your family’s needs. Being able to cook all three meals for your entire family might be a new adventure for your family, but in the current state of the world, might be a necessity. The kitchen is a natural center, or hub, for the home, and making it feel welcoming and warm while also functional and practical is quite a task. The Alair Homes team can help you navigate and assess your needs, and make the best possible space for you and your family.

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