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Families Helping Families

With over $500 million in assets in their current portfolio, the Guyette Financial Group, led by Financial Advisor Brannon Guyette, was named a Forbes Best-In-State advisor in 2022. Brannon and his team use a comprehensive approach to caring for their clients, building long-lasting relationships based on trust. Guyette Financial Group has over 50 years of experience in wealth management; as a second-generation business owner; the Guyette family focuses on helping their clients’ families, meet and exceed their financial goals.

Thomas Guyette, Brannon’s father, started with Merrill Lynch in Green Bay back in 1979, with Brannon joining the family business in 1999. In 2019, after 20 years of serving the families of Green Bay with his father, Brannon decided to branch out with his core team of three and become the Guyette Financial Group under RBC Wealth Management. Brannon shares: “My family (my father and I) love working with other families and business owners. We’ve been so lucky to work with generations of families in businesses—we have a client where we were able to work with four generations of a family. It is such an honor to have that much of an impact on other people’s lives.”

People come to Guyette Financial Group at many phases of life, sometimes at moments of great loss in their families. The team makes sure that those first few meetings are comfortable—they are sometimes the first people to know about a family loss, or a family moment of joy—and they are there to mourn with them, to celebrate with them, and to offer their expertise and advice. These moments of highs and lows are so critical in a client’s life, and Brannon and his team are there with clarity and honesty to help them have a clear understanding of their financial plan.

“What makes us different is that we want to get to know you—know your kids, where they go to school, what they like,” shares Brannon, “clients become friends; friends help friends, families help families. We have a skill set and expertise where people trust us to manage a very important aspect of their lives.” That is why Guyette Financial Group’s client retention is over 99%--they are more than a wealth management team; they are a lifestyle company who help clients build the lifestyle they want.

Brannon’s team is rounded out by Ann Jahnke, who joined the Guyette team in 2010, and Clara Cockrum, who joined in 2018. These two support Brannon and bring a wealth of knowledge of both the financial and customer service industries to enhance the overall client experience. They all echo the same sentiment—that they genuinely like working together as a team and serving the awesome families that they

do. “We want the best for our clients and their

families, and the beautiful thing about the Guyette Financial Group is the ability to run this practice the way that works for us, our families, our clients, and their families,” shared Clara. It is very evident when you step into the Guyette offices on Marina Circle in Green Bay that this crew runs as a well-oiled machine, working together to help their clients build the lives and financial portfolios they strive for.

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