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Disruption in the industry....

If you've watched the news at all over the last couple years, you have seen the cause and effect of the shutdown. Although in print I refuse to let any acknowledgement of the sassy C-word pass, I figured this would be the perfect spot to discuss. The print industry has been hit with strain on paper availability. Meaning the pricing has skyrocketed significantly from when I started this brand in January 2020. The high quality paper is sometimes not even available or in stock and we have to make adjustments accordingly. This quarter our magazines may look a bit different. With minor visual changes and the same quality of contents. We are going to continue to have our publications printed right here in Northeast Wisconsin. Live here... shop here.. What does that mean for Wisconsin Life & Style? Although the type of paper printed on is disrupted we are able to continue growing this brand as well as add more products later this year. Our prices have been set for the first half of 2022 and hoping to make internal adjustments to offset the rollercoaster of changes that we are seeing behind the scenes. How can you reach more homes with WI Life & Style? Bay Area Life & Style | Brown County Lakeshore Life & Style | Kewaunee County Shores Life & Style | Door County Coming this Winter! | Local Eats from your Local Streets Our version of a Northeast Wisconsin foodie magazine Art & Flaire | Your Guide to the Arts in Northeast Wisconsin All publications are still accepting partnerships as well as editorial ideas. You can submit those through our website. We are seeing a huge following on our social media platforms and great interactions. You will see more blogs, featuring businesses and individuals in the area as well as other marketable opportunities. Our partners will have some of these options built into their packages, while ala carte options are available for those looking to get extended reach. Currently reaching 125,000+ impressions monthly, our goal by summer is to reach 500k! A huge marketing plan is currently ready to roll out the end of the month. Full throttle as of March 1st! Let's Connect! See how our team can help you in growing your business or join us for one of our upcoming events. The Connections and Community truly Define Who We Are!

Thank you for engaging with my team and I!

Brandi K.

founder | owner | publisher

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