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Building Communities of the Future... for the future

When it comes to seeing the potential in people and the towns, villages, and cities they serve, KinectM1 has a passion to empower with a unique approach. The organization believes that at the core of communities across the nation is a set of assets that, if recognized, can be the catalyst for strategic, intentional, and transparent innovation.

KinectM1 began as an idea more than a year ago after seeing the potential the organization could have to benefit different communities, small and large. They were established this year and have hit the ground running after cultivating partnerships with several local, national, and international organizations and individuals using a collaborative, people-first approach that focuses on helping everyone move forward.

What sets KinectM1 apart from other organizations or consulting firms is that they don't just observe and give you a plan to put in place yourself. They're your team to tap into when you need an outside source to analyze and guide you through the process.

"We're going beyond a service model and partnership. It's like a woven thread. In order for that problem to be solved we do have multiple pieces of a puzzle coming together," explained Teal VanLanen, Co-Founder of KinectM1. "We're not just a handshake and move on. We think about the other components and barriers that may be impacting your goals."

KinectM1 focuses first on creating a safe space for connection, a hub, where people are welcomed and encouraged to get involved.

They think big, and start with small, simple steps, but are impactful. They go through your goals and look for what they call "brightspots" in the community. We all have something to offer, whether it's a skill or a resource, and sometimes we just don't always recognize what talents we already have that can be used in a strategic way to reach a common goal.

"What we do can look a little different for everybody. We simply want to walk alongside you, build your community, support you, help you, teach you sometimes to pause and maybe adjust, reflect and then keep moving forward," said Nick Cochart, Co-Founder of KinectM1. "We come in and help you recognize what you already have and connect you with the right tools, networks, resources, and programs so that over time they've learned how to critically work-through obstacles towards their own goals."

They encourage and help you to think critically, to problem solve and engage with more people in your current circle in a new way that helps everyone be better versions of themselves. KinectM1 helps you reach untapped potential unique to your organization. The possibilities are endless. The connections help instill a sense of pride and worth in the communities and groups they serve, creating a long-term, sustainable difference.

"When we're working with someone we always ask them, what does better look like? They always know. Then we focus on how we get there and how do we start now, so we don't have to wait," said VanLanen. "A lot of times when we first meet with groups is they talk small, almost protecting their dream, it's like they don't want to say it out loud because the world doesn't think all things are possible because people knock people's dreams down, but they are possible and we're listening and creating action."

"Once they start thinking differently, they realize that they can accomplish their goals," explained Adam Peronto, the Executive Project Director for KinectM1.

Whether you're a small group looking to expand your presence, a community focused on building a pathway forward, or an individual interested in the principles of community development, KinectM1 can support you and your organization. To learn more about KinectM1, the groups they've impacted, or to support their mission, head to its website at


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