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Introducing the WI Life & Style Blog

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Introducing the Wisconsin Life & Style Blog!

We have heard your requests for more stories throughout the year. Our writers have had rave reviews and local businesses are loving their content. Follow along as we introduce you to some fantastic businesses within the area. Not only will we share local businesses but our favorite recipes, adventures and more.

How to be Featured on Our Blog? Reach out or send us message on one of our social media platforms or email the team at to extend an invite to one of our team members. Our blog spots will be made up between organic content and paid partnerships. Paid partnerships will be guaranteed content and sharing across our platforms. Our paid partnerships are worked out via a small fee or busines trade. We can discuss further what works best for you. Looking to add Professional Style Photos on Your Platform? Wisconsin Life & Style will be offering small packages for Instagram worthy photos. These are only meant for small business projects and more details will be shared September 1st. Collaborations with 20 businesses only. For full spectrum, larger branding opportunities we partner with local photographer Julie M Gile Photography. Julie is the one that takes our team branding photography to another level. Check out her work as she guides businesses to the vision they are going for when putting together a full circle look.

Looking to update your headshots? Mary Breuer Photography is a highly sought after photographer. Her team not only takes headshots but boudouir, family and even business videos! Visual presentation is everything. #blog #reachmorehomes #constantconnection #wisconsin #greenbay #kewauneecounty #doorcounty

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