Along the shores of Lake Michigan, a new craze has hit the town of Algoma. With a name inspired by a sweet Yorkshire Terrier pup named Sprocket. Everything from the logo to the greyish, steel blue colored walls mimicking the commonly settled color of a Yorkie’s coat. 


Rooting in Algoma, had been an idea for many years for the juicery. Filled with history, incredibly talented local artists and wonderfully supportive small businesses within the community. It makes an ideal place for locals and tourists alike to enjoy fresh organic options that are not only nutritious but delicious as well.

Blue Yorkie Juicery has introduced cold-pressed juices to Kewaunee County over the past couple weeks. Becoming a go to spot right after dropping the children off at school or heading into the office, as Ginger has had an over pouring amount of support from the community. The top sellers have been flying out of the cooler early in the day.

Not to worry as there is an array of handcrafted smoothies with organic ingredients, housemade almond and oat milks, salads with homemade vinaigrettes and a wide range of gluten and/or dairy free baked goods. Don’t forget your furry pet while picking up your goodies as there are fresh organic, gluten free dog treats available as well. The menu will continue to expand with daily, weekly and seasonal specials.


Ginger will be expanding her menu at Blue Yorkie Juicery after the soft opening phase is complete. Gaining valuable feedback from customers' experience to create improvements where needed. Bringing juice cleanses, pre-orders for large orders and pop up hours for those working early hours or late afternoons to cater to all customers needs. 


“I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring organic, fresh items to Algoma. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming with such kindness. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! “ - Ginger and Sprocket

Benefits of pressed juices; 

Increases consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. 

Allows your body to absorb nutrients without overwhelming your immune system with large amounts of indigestible fiber.

With over 11 signature flavors, each has its own benefits; 

Valuable vitamins and minerals

Immunity boosters


Digestive Health

Detoxification Properties

Lower Blood Pressure

*No added sugars, fillers, or water added